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NADCAP certified
  • 1980

    A Direct technical interaction with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam ,our former president of India when he was a director of Satellite Launch Vehicle for supply of Electromagnetic interference (EMI)Chamber at VSSC Trivandrum

  • 1983

    Precons was responsible to initiate a public notice for reduction of custom duty from 320% to 40% adveleram for ceramic fiber blocks(PYRO BLOCK) widely used in furnaces in place of refractory thus saving huge energy either electrical gas or oil from Mr Pranab Mukherjee then finance minister and former President of India

  • 1989

    Indigenously developed Bell furnaces in 1989 for Spheroidisation of Wire rods and cold forged components for cold forge auto industries and steel plants when there were no Indian bell furnace manufacturers and today more than 450 installations are successfully working worldwide.

  • 1993

    Triple vacuum chamber successfully commissioned at Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC), Mahendragiri, Tirunelveli district and inaugurated by Dr Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan, Chairman of ISRO

  • 1995

    A Number of rotary furnace for certain treatments to uranium oxide material to be further processed as Nuclear fuel, commissioned at Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC). Hyderabad Special furnaces for handing Nuclear waste and glove box type furnace to radio metallurgy dept BARC were supplied and had direct appreciative interaction with Dr Anil Kakodkar former chairman of AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) at BARC Mumbai

  • 1998

    Asia's largest vacuum chamber for the purpose of Electron Beam Welding facility was successful commissioned and inaugurated by Dr. Madhavan Nair, Chairman of ISRO at Hindustan Aeronaut Limited (HAL) Aerospace, and Bangalore

  • 1998

    Asia's largest vacuum chamber for the purpose of Electron Beam Welding facility was successful commissioned and inaugurated by Dr. Madhavan Nair, Chairman of ISRO at Hindustan Aeronaut Limited (HAL) Aerospace, and Bangalore

  • 2007

    Dr Madhavan Nair then Chairman of Dept of Space gave away mementos to Mr Shankar, MD of PRECONS as a best furnace manufacturer in 2007 at a function organized by Bay Forge Lid. at Chennai

  • 2007

    1st large 8T Gas Fired Continuous Discharge Furnace was inaugurated in 2007 at BHEL Trichy by Jairam Ramesh Union minister for Heavy Engineering Industries & Public Enterprises

  • 2015

    Founded and evolved Mirra and Mirra Industries, a niche monopolised process industry in the cold forge auto segment. This industry was later taken over in 2015 as a 100% FDI by the Toyota Conglomerate, Nagoya, Japan.

About Founder

Mr.Shankar Srinivasan was born in 1946 in Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu.
Hailing from a traditional family, his father and other siblings were all employed in government departments with no engineering background.

Belonging to the 1963-1968 batch (5-year integrated course)B.E Mechanical engineering, he was a recipient of the Merit cum Means scholarship from the Government of India for all five years. Later he pursued M.Tech in Industrial Engineering at IIT Madras.

After a short stint at Buckingham and Carnatic Mills (Binny Ltd), management cadre, he entrepreneured an industrial venture for the design and manufacture of industrial metallurgical heat treatment furnaces and ovens at Chennai under the name of Precision Controls with a brand name PRECONS in 1973.(

His brainchild, Precons, is a global leader in select industrial furnaces and process systems, with over 5000 successful installations across the globe and a staff strength of over 250 employees.

Known for its ethical business practices, Precons has received accolades far and wide starting from Dept. Of Aerospace to Dept of Income Tax.

Mr. Shankar is the recipient of the following awards:

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Precision Controls is one of the leading companies in India that manufactures and exports industrial furnaces, ovens, kilns and various special equipment to Dubai & Riyadh for varied and demanding applications as per international standard specifications.

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