Bell annealing furnaces

Particularly, bell furnaces are utilized for heat treatments such as cementation, carbonitriding, quenching, annealing, and the normalizing procedure. Precision Controls manufacturing and exporting bell annealing furnaces to Dubai and Riyadh industries.

Bell annealing furnaces In Dubai & Riyadh

Precision Controls delivered many bell annealing furnaces in Dubai & Riyadh and we know the best fit specification for wide range of industries in Dubai & Riyadh.

How do we do? After rolling, bell-type annealing furnaces recrystallize coils. An annealing base and movable bell-type furnaces make up a bell annealing furnace.

Annealing has multiple stages. First, the coils are tilted and placed on the annealing base. Three to five coils are piled on the base. This coil stack is sealed and covered. The furnace is lowered onto the stack. Annealing is done under gas protection. The base fan blows protective nitrogen into the furnace.

After the annealing time, the heating hood is replaced with a cooling hood for controlled cooling of the coils. Another coil tilter loads the coils onto a transfer car.

Applications of Bell annealing furnaces

Comprising the structure are:

  • Base, diffuser, and plenum, as well as a fan positioned between the base and diffuser
  • Inner cover and inner jacket, the former having the function of completely enclosing the system, the latter separating the charge area from the heated zone
  • Cooling cover, which permits rapid cooling following the annealing process.
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