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We “Precision Controls” (under the brand name “PRECONS”) provides end to end customized solutions including design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of industrial furnaces,oven,kilns and various special equipment.

40 Years of Expertise

PRECONS has received special quality award appreciation mementos from Department of Space, Atomic Energy, etc and has gained excellent reputation in the industrial heat treatment field.

Satisfied customers
Satisfied customers - Everytime & Always

Precons & its group of companies have never experienced a cash loss balance sheet in their operation for the last 4 decades.

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We Provide The Best Quality for the Modern Industry

PRECONS furnaces are performing commendably in diverse sectors such as auto/auto ancillaries, heavy & medium engineering, aerospace, nuclear, metal industries such as steel / aluminium, electrical/electronics, etc.


User-friendly, cost-effective with the latest technical up-gradation at an affordable cost to produce quality output from our furnaces to the fullest satisfaction of our customer

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#1 Supplier of Furnace in Dubai & Riyadh

The Best Quality of Furnace Manufacturing

Precision Controls is one of the leading companies in India that manufactures and exports industrial furnaces, ovens, kilns and various special equipment to Dubai & Riyadh for varied and demanding applications as per international standard specifications.

Manufacturers & Exporter

Major contributor in defence, aerospace and nuclear application in the country and abroad

Precision Controls manufacturing and exporting all types of  Furnaces to Dubai and Riyadh industries. PRECONS furnaces are performing commendably in diverse sectors such as auto/auto ancillaries, heavy & medium engineering, aerospace, nuclear, and metal industries such as steel/aluminium, electrical/electronics, etc.

We specialised

All types of furnaces in Dubai & Riyadh

‘PRECONS’ reputation in the industrial furnace industry is the outcome of four decades of successful engineering, design, and manufacture of specialty furnaces as per customer requirements for various tailor-made applications.

Bell annealing furnaces

Bell annealing furnaces

Particularly, bell furnaces are utilized for heat treatments such as cementation, carbonitriding, quenching, annealing, and the normalizing procedure.

Drop bottom quench furnaces

Drop bottom quench furnaces

Particularly, Our Drop bottom quench furnaces are made using the latest technology. They not only provide enduring performance but can prevent heat loss, helping you save a great deal of energy.

Bar annealing furnaces

Bar annealing furnaces

Bar annealing is a heat treatment process mostly used to increase ductility and reduce the hardness of materials. This change in hardness and ductility is the result of a reduction in dislocations in the material’s crystal structure.

Continuous line furnaces

Continuous line furnaces

Continuous line furnace systems combine modular design with proven components and subsystems that provide exceptional reliability, precision and control to the heat-treating process.

Aluminum ageing furnaces

Aluminum ageing furnaces

Aluminium ageing furnace consists of furnace body and sealing device, trolley and traction mechanism, furnace door and press device, heating element and fixing device,

Our Products at a Glance

Industrial Furnaces

Industrial Ovens

Special Equipments

Auto/Auto ancillaries

Auto/Auto ancillaries

Wire rod bell annealing furnace and Continuous mesh belt furnaces.

Aerospace & Nuclear

Aerospace & Nuclear

Drop bottom solution annealing furnace and ageing ovens, Rotary tubular klins.

Metal industries

Metal industries

Re-heating furnaces for forging applications, Homogenizing furnace and Transformer core annealing furnace.

Heavy & Medium engineering

Heavy & Medium engineering

Solution annealing furnace Normalizing and stress relieving furnaces for heavy engineering components.

Client Testimonial

Prestigious Projects

‘PRECONS’ reputation in the industrial furnace industry is the outcome of four decades of successful engineering, design, manufacture, supply & erection of various types of furnaces for various applications to prestigious clients like Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department Of Atomic Energy (DAE), Nuclear Fuel Complex, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited etc. who even today trust only precons supplies and services for critical applications.

They supplied the Hot Air Oven on time and the quality & the workmanship of the Hot Air Oven are exceptionally good. This Hot air oven is working good since 5 years with zero breakdowns. We do not hesitate to recommend their products to anyone who expects quality products on time.

    Rajeev B. Telsang

    Gen Manager - Facility & Projects | Tata AML

    They have shown very disciplined, committed and interactive with the user department. We wish them all the best in upcoming assignments. In this regard, we also appreciate Precon management for a smooth transition of oven transportation, installation & commissioning at our facility.

      C. Vijaya Kumar

      Head - Advanced Composites | L&T Defence

      They supplied and installed Low-Temperature Bottom Quench Furnace in September 2010, The furnace working satisfactorily. The performance of the furnace is good.

        A.Roy Chowdhury

        Dy. Gen Manager | HAL

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