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Mr. Shankar Srinivasan, a mechanical engineer from Regional Engineering College, Warangal {now National Institute of Technology (NIT)} & postgraduate (M.Tech) from IIT -Madras. After gaining a few years of industrial experience, has established “Precision Controls” (brand name “PRECONS”) a family-owned partnership firm for the manufacture of small industrial furnaces & industrial ovens at SIDCO Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai-600 098 in 1973 (43 years ago).
By proper financial management, Mr Shankar has established the following companies ( till 2022)

Company NameNature of BusinessType of CompanyYear of Est.
Precision ControlsFurnace ManufacturerPartnership1973
Opulent Ventures Pvt.Ltd.Wind PowerPrivate Limited2012
Opulent Green Energy Pvt.Ltd.Wind PowerPrivate Limited2014
Opulent Wind Energy Pvt.Ltd.Wind PowerPrivate Limited2016
  • Chemical Cleaning (Acid Pickling), Phosphating Lube coating
  • Spherodised & Soft Annealing for various grades of Wire Rods & Bars
  • Wire Drawing facility


Due to huge market demand, the entire operation of Mirra and Mirra Industries was shifted to Vichur Industrial estate,Manali,Chennai from Ambattur Industrial estate in 2006 and an augmented infrastructure was set up.

Due to sustained profitability, good name and reputation enjoyed in the industrial market, Toyota Tsusho Corporation(Japan) along with another Japanese company named Suzutoyo Seiko Co.Ltd have subsequently come forward for a 100% FDI.


The company owns 55 Wind Mills located in the Muppandal belt area in Kanyakumari district & Tenkasi in Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu (Southern Part of India & country’s no 1 wind energy area). The above 55 WEGs have a total capacity of 15.15 Mega Watt(MW) and are generating approx. 2.7 Cr. Kwh of power every year.


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#1 Supplier of Furnace in Dubai & Riyadh

The Best Quality of Furnace Manufacturing

Precision Controls is one of the leading companies in India that manufactures and exports industrial furnaces, ovens, kilns and various special equipment to Dubai & Riyadh for varied and demanding applications as per international standard specifications.

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