Bar annealing furnaces

Bar annealing is a heat treatment process mostly used to increase ductility and reduce the hardness of materials. This change in hardness and ductility is the result of a reduction in dislocations in the material’s crystal structure. Precision Controls manufacturing and exporting Bar annealing furnaces for Dubai and Riyadh industries.

Bar annealing furnaces In Dubai & Riyadh

Precision Controls delivered many Bar Annealing furnaces in Dubai & Riyadh and we know the best fit specification for a wide range of industries in Dubai & Riyadh.

CAN-ENG Roller Hearth Tube/Bar Annealing furnaces are capable of high-volume, continuous annealing of steel bars or tubes in a broad variety of atmospheres, including open, nitrogen dioxide, exothermic gas, endothermic gas, nitrogen dioxide and methanol, and nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen.

With regulated cooling, production volumes of up to 20 tonnes per hour (or 45,000 pounds per hour) are available. Bright Annealing of carbon-alloy steel tubing or open-air or atmosphere annealing of carbon-alloy steel bars may be performed.

Applications of Bar annealing furnaces

Salient Features of Bar annealing furnaces

  • Application : Spherodised Annealing of Bars
  • Batch capacity : 10 to 20T /Batch
  • Rectangular bell design with stationary or bogie type base
  • Spheroidisation above 85%
  • Electro-hydraulic system for bell lifting and lowering.
  • Maximum temperature 800 C/850 C
  • Master-slave temperature control to achieve close temperature uniformity.
  • Provision for data logging.
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