Batch Furnaces

The design of the furnace is based on the needs and requirements of the thermal process (temperature, output, etc.). Precision Controls can tell the difference between continuous furnaces and batch furnaces. Precision Controls manufacturing and exporting Batch Furnaces to Dubai and Riyadh industries.

Batch Furnaces in Dubai & Riyadh

Precision Controls delivered many Batch Furnaces in Dubai & Riyadh and we know the best fit specification for a wide range of industries in Dubai & Riyadh.

In batch-type furnaces, the materials are always placed in the same place during the heating process. The process conditions and infrastructure of each production site determine the type of furnace construction and how it is filled.

The treatment time affects the temperature of the batch-operated furnaces. So, to get short process times, high production performance, and consistent and repeatable product quality, you need to know exactly what the charging temperature is at each place and time.

Applications of Batch Furnaces

Salient Features of Batch Furnaces

  • 1180°C maximum temperature rating
  • Air/Nitrogen/Hydrogen capable
  • FEC (fully enclosed coil) heaters formed into ceramic insulation panels
  • Water cooling
  • Gas tight muffle
  • Cross belt temperature of ±2°C for belt widths up to 36 inches
  • Independent overtemperature control in each zone 
  • Multi-Language Control Software
  • Closed loop belt speed control
  • Atmosphere safety NFPA 86C compliant
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Engineering design and technical experience gained in the past and with special emphasis to its experienced and dedicated technical staff.

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Precons & its group of companies has never experienced cash loss balance sheet in their operation for last 4 decades.

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