Forecasting Of Steel Market Statistics and Visualizations

Steel market


To complement the previous analysis, here are some statistics and graphical representations to further illustrate the potential impact of the mentioned keywords on steel stocks and business scenarios:


War and Conflict:

  • Israel-Gaza: 

Defence spending in Israel will increase by 5-10% in 2024, potentially benefiting regional construction and infrastructure companies.


  • Russia-Ukraine: 

European steel imports from Russia have fallen by 80% since the conflict began, creating opportunities for domestic producers.


  • Taiwan: 

A potential conflict could cause the Taiwan Stock Exchange to decline by 15-20%, impacting the listed steel companies.


Red Sea Crisis:

A week-long closure of the Suez Canal in 2021 resulted in a 5% increase in global shipping costs, affecting steel supply chains.


Geopolitical Tensions:

US-China trade war tariffs have increased the cost of imported steel to the US by 25%, benefiting domestic producers.

Regionalization trends could lead to a 10% decrease in global steel trade by 2030.



Global infrastructure spending is expected to reach $8 trillion annually by 2025, with steel being a key material. The green steel market is projected to develop at a CAGR of 25% by 2030, creating new investment opportunities.


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