Atmosphere controlled furnaces for net-zero carbon

Zero carbon with atmosphere controlled furnaces

As the world moves towards a net-zero carbon future, industries must adopt more sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprint. This is particularly important in heat treatment, where high-temperature furnaces are used extensively. However, there is a growing interest in using atmosphere-controlled furnaces for net-zero carbon heat treatment. This blog will explore the potential benefits […]

How to reduce CO2 emissions from furnace?

Co2 emissions

Furnaces are commonly used in various industrial processes to generate heat. They burn fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, or coal to generate heat. Unfortunately, this also releases greenhouse gases, such as CO2, into the atmosphere. The increased concentrations of these gases in the atmosphere contribute to climate change. However, furnace modification is an […]

Future of Furnaces: The Carbon Pledge Challenge

Futuristic furnaces

Introduction The construction industry has a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and addressing the climate crisis. One of the most important contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the construction industry is the use of furnaces. In this blog, we’ll examine the future of furnaces and what steps are being taken to address the carbon […]

Neutral Steel: The Answer to Today’s Climate Change

Climate Change

The effects of climate change are one of the most pressing problems facing our planet. The combustion of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases have warmed the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in extreme weather, rising sea levels, and the destruction of ecosystems. The utilization of neutral steel is one approach that has the potential […]

How can we achieve Zero Carbon Emission using Net-Zero?

Zero Carbon emission

  Corporate net-zero pledges are gaining momentum, but limitations in net-zero’s design and implementation reduce impact and jeopardize progress. Governments and businesses can leverage momentum while accelerating and strengthening net-zero commitments and progress toward climate sustainability. Fifteen limitations are often manifest in many well-intentioned net-zero initiatives.   What does net-zero offer? Now that a critical […]